Basic Workshop Smartphone Photography

Is this workshop something for you? Who knows!


Do you want to improve your Smartphone photography, because you’re always carrying your phone with you. And would you like to learn more about the basics of photography like rule of thirds, composition, exposure, etc.? And you like to photograph rather then to read about it. In that case this workshop is definitely something for you.


After finishing the workshop I’ll create a group what’s app. In the app you can send some photos made during de workshop and ask for advice. Or you can just watch photos taken by others and learn from the advice given. After two weeks we will dismantle the group.


What: Basic Workshop Smartphone Photography

Where is it given: Leyduin, Haarlem (city centre), Haarlemmermeersebos ( Vork & Mes), Zandvoort or any other location in consultation (with groups).

How many: Max 6 persons, but you can also book a 1 on 1 (location and starting time in consultation)

Duration: Minimum of 2 hour

Price: €49,-


For information or to book a workshop you can send an email to


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